Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cafe Neko - Vienna - Review

Today I have a super treat, a review of the newly opened Cafe Neko in Vienna by the lovely Jess! Thanks Jess for letting us know all about Cafe Neko and for the great pics :) Now I really want to go!

From Jess/

If you ever find yourself in Austria, then Cafe Neko of Vienna is an absolute must. Nestled in the quiet cobblestone backstreets, yet only moments from St Stephens Cathedral lies Vienna's first ever cat cafe. This cafe is run by two lovely Japanese ladies but we all know who really runs the shop!

There's a fiesty black one, a ginger Main Coon who loves to cuddle and a sleepy white one I guarantee you will find curled up in the woven basket in the corner - just to mention a few!

The traditional Japanese food is delicious, I highly recommend the rice balls! And there's a few sneaky cat items on the menu too such as the vanilla kitten cake.

You can also purchase treats for the cats which is anything from whiskers chews to cooked chicken breast. The cats will eat from your hands but I recommend cat lovers come early for extra attention as by the end of the day there is a smorgasbord of untouched bowls lying around and some kittens with very full bellies.

It's also a lovely place to have a quiet (and yummy) coffee, read a book or plan your travels. The kitchen is completely sectioned off for hygiene purposes and there is a kitty flap into a private area for those cats that need a little down time from tourists and paparazzi!

It's comforting to know that the cats are there because they want to be and their privacy is respected.

The only downside to this sacred place is that they are only allowed six cats by law although this is probably for good reason - cats aren't really "pack" animals after all.

I highly recommend Cafe Neko and all of its furry inhabitants. If for no other reason, go to Cafe Neko for THE cleanest bathroom in all of Europe (I'm talking individual hand towels and even hand lotion) and you never know maybe these fancy felines will win over your heart.

Thanks Jess!!

If you yourself have visited a Cat Cafe, I'd love to feature it!
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  1. awwwwww Vienna is closer than Japan ahaha <3

  2. Well you better book it in Sara! he he :P

  3. I want to go!! I hear there will be one in London soon, eek I cannot wait

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