Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Max Knight - Cats in Windows - Giveaway!

Max Knight is the photographer behind the project, Cats in Windows.   I really love this series and not solely because I love cats and photography but because it taps into something we so often miss, the everyday that we walk past and a reminder (for me at least) to take the time, to stop and smell the roses :)

Max has released an accompanying zine for this project and there's a book in the works as well.  Now for the extra exciting part, thanks to Max, I have one zine to giveaway to someone lucky! To enter all you need to do is leave a comment and I'll draw a winner out randomly next week :)  

Max also graciously answered some of my questions below, thanks Max!

Do you remember the first cat you ever photographed in a window?   Yes! It was actually meant to be in the zine but it was on an early digital camera and wasn't hi-res enough. I took it from a car in Brooklyn in 2004. 

Do you consciously go out looking for cats in windows?   I go for a lot of walks with my camera looking for any kind of street stuff. It usually never happens to be honest! Its always when you least expect it. 

 Have people ever stopped, to ask you what you're doing?   I've had a few people come out their house and scream at me. I do understand its not great seeing some guy taking pictures through your window..! But everyone's window is on Google maps anyway. 

Do your friends think you're a bit mad?   Yes. I get all kinds of hilarious abuse from everyone. My girlfriend doesn't even like cats, she's allergic. But I get a lot of love from the cat people too! 

Have you ever seen the perfect cat in the perfect window only for the cat to move?   I see amazing cats in windows when I don't have a camera on me. I have a map of the ones I've missed. I've gone back to find them a few times and they're never there. Typical stubborn cat behaviour. 

Do you like cats/have any cats yourself?   Of course! I had a cat when I was young who lived for 20 years. She was amazing. I now have a Norwegian Forest Cat called Ettie in my flat in London. 

When is your book coming out?   I'm having a few meetings about funding for the proper book. Fingers crossed it'll be out summer 2014. 

Any further cat projects for you in the future?   Probably not! Just this for now. Its a nice escape from my portrait work. Cats are easier to deal with than people. Kind of...well maybe not. 

Best place for people to find you?  
 I'm not great with this kind of stuff, I have everything but I only use instagram regularly

Entry details: To win a copy of Max Knight's Cats in Windows Zine (pictured above) simply leave a comment below by mignight Monday 28th October (AEST.) and  I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.  Please include an email address so I can contact you with the good news :)

Good-luck Everyone!

* A shout out also to Claire from the blog South by North for letting me know about Max and his work :)


  1. What a great concept for a zine. I'm constantly stopping to "say hello" to a cat in a window. My husband thinks I'm a huge weirdo. He is probably right.

  2. Love this interview - it make me enjoy the photos even more. I especially enjoy the one of the cat reading the cat zine... :)

  3. This is genius! I can't believe nobody else ever thought of this concept before. I love the third picture where the left one is peeking out and there are little hearts right above it n.n

  4. lovely blog!

  5. it's great hey :)
    Good luck guys!! I'll let you know who the lucky winner is on Tuesday

  6. Oh god I want that, no, I need that! Great giveaway :)

  7. How creative!! that's an interesting idea!

  8. What a great concept! When Juno is gossiping in the window it always makes me look as well :) great pics by Max! Let's cross fingers.

  9. Now I can enjoy looking at cats in windows without having to face the horrors of the outside world. So rad