Monday, October 14, 2013

Lil Bub Documentary

YAY the lil bub documentary (Lil Bub & Friendz) by Vice is up online, it's over an hour but it's a great watch, in true Vice style and I'll admit, it had me tear up at the end!

The documentary is not just about lil bub although a lot of it is! What the doco does awesomely is provide an overlook of the internet cat phenomenon and throws in a few internet stars along the way (Nyan Cat + Grumpy Cat + Pudge) as well as some crazy cat people too :)

We get an in depth look into Lil Bub from her beginnings, mobility issues, accidental fame, merchandise, being paparazzi'ed, karating chopping a dog :P (you know that sort of stuff) It also follows Mike's story (lil Bub's owner) his background, charity work, getting a bub tatt and ultimately the bond he shares with bub.  Mike mentions at one point that lil bub is a little buddha, and watching the video you cans see bub's amazing cute and zen filled life, which for me, instantly makes her likeable!

At the very start of the doco we get introduced to Jeffrey Bussolini a feline sociologist who brings up the idea that dog owners have spaces like beaches and dog parks to connect at but cat people, until now, have lacked such a space.  So all I can say is one big thank to the magic powers of the internet, successfully bringing crazy cat people together all in one space...I love it!


  1. So well put together, I was a bit worried when I had heard a review about it featuring bub in a spaceship (thought it might be a bit too silly) but it was really touching :)

  2. Great!! now I got something to watch for the weekend :)
    have a lovely week

  3. I really enjoyed watching it :)
    Have a lovely week too!

  4. I was really surprised by this film too. I used to think Bub's owner was exploiting her, but you can really see how much he loves her in the movie. And I love the idea that the internet is the "dog park" of the cat world. Crazy cat ladies unite!

  5. That's interesting you say that I had the impression that he was all about the marketing too, with the words he choose to describe her, he came across as having arrogance and that lil bub was merely a commodity but the doco really changed my view as well. A valuable lesson not to judge people from snippets! I'm super glad lil bub is a super loved cat :)