Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Keyboard Cat

keyboard cat artwork

If you watched the Lil Bub Doco (btw if you haven't you so should!) then you'll know all about keyboard cat.

Keyboard Cat was actually created way back in 1984 by Charlie Schmidt but has risen to fame, in more recent years even having his own manager - Ben Lashes - the first ever Meme Manager.  In the lil bub doco, Ben, at one point refers to Keyboard Cat as the Elvis of the internet cat phenomenon, he also says he watches the Internet World as if it's a stock market, lol, so great!  Anyway, Ben, being a life long friend of Charlie Schmidt saw the potential of Keyboard cat as a rockstar and his need for a manager - ta da! Is it all making sense now? I love it!

According to wiki, keyboard cat's real name is Fatso and unfortunately he passed away in 1987.  That wiki article is great and points out all the ways keyboard cat has risen to fame and the many parodies that have been produced since.  There has also been lawsuits made against threadless (t-shirt company) and Warner Bros for image infringement.  Heavy stuff!

At the end of the day all that matters, is that super catchy tune that I just cannot get out of my head!
(Watch at your own dance inducing risk!!!)

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  1. One of my favorite tubes of all times :D

  2. My husband actually has one of those contested Threadless t-shirts. He just really loves Keyboard Cat.

  3. :) I wonder if they still make them, I guess they had to take them down because of the case because I cant see them anymore