Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Choupette - Karl Lagerfeld's Cat

Choupette Lagerfeld according to wiki was born 19 August 2011 "is the pet and muse of designer Karl Lagerfeld" and was given to Karl by Male model Baptiste Giabiconi (still following?)

Choupette Karl Lagerfeld's Cat

The story gets stranger because Karl has been quoted as saying "There is no marriage, yet, for human beings and animals… I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat " - source
Uh out Choupette!

Choupette has her own twitter (of course) and the about section reads "I'm a famous beauty who refuses to eat on the floor & my maids pamper my every need. I am Choupette Lagerfeld and I am a spoiled pussy."

I think for the life of luxury, jets and maids and anything but dry cat food, marrying him might be an okay deal Choupette!


  1. I read that he was cat-sitting Choupette for Baptiste and then refused to give her back!!! Terrible cat etiquette... :)

  2. Oh that is super funny Claire! lol

    He is definitely a beautiful cat I'd have trouble giving him back as well :P

  3. I don't know why, but I seriously LOVE that Karl Lagerfeld is a crazy cat person. It just my heart smile.

  4. When ever I found out someone is a cat person I smile and if it's someone in real life I usually start a big spiel about the wonders of cats :P I guess it puts people in a different light. It also fits for animal people in general :)