Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cat Cups

I'm thinking it would be a nice idea to have my very own cat cup to drink my tea and coffee out of :) 
I'm now officially on the hunt for some cuteness! Oh and I've got no problem drinking out of a sake cup :P

cat cups
source 1 / 2 / 3 / 4/ 5

Anyone know of any cute cat cups around the place?


  1. That cat sake cup is the bee's knees. I would love to wrap my hands around it to keep warm.

  2. Oh yup, that's the picture I had in my head too :)

  3. The first cup looks too cute.

  4. Oh! Love! specially the first one, the sake cup and the last funny one! Well, I really can't decide because I have just mentioned almost all of them.

    We bought our cat sake cups in Japan, it is one of our best reminders :)

    Have you seen Sobiegraphie's cat mugs? They are also very cute.

  5. Ahhh those mugs are super cute, thanks for the link :)
    Totally jealous of your owning Cat Sake cups too!!!

  6. The second and the third are my faves :D

  7. Those sake cups are so pretty huh!