Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nala the Cat

When I first heard about Nala I was curious to go check out this cutie, I mean in terms of cat fame, Nala is right up there, with over 800, 000 followers on her instagram account alone.

nala the cat   
I started checking Nala out and it seemed, unlike other famed internet cats, Nala didn't possess a unique skill or look, which in no way made her less special I was just interested in what made people connected with her so much.  After going through her facebook page and scrolling through her images (I've posted my favourites below) I think I finally understood!  Nala gets posted A LOT and not only that but she looks at the camera with her adorable huge blue eyes, ahhh!  Being adorable and staying in the loop, definitely goes a long way in becoming a famous internet cat :)

See those cute bowties Nala sports? You can get them from her website here


  1. The bowties are adorable. And those EYES! I also love that she looks just a little cross-eyed in some of her pics.

  2. I too think cross-eyed knocks up the cuteness points :)