Monday, September 2, 2013

Mitchiri Neko

Mitchiri Neko are a bunch of cute cats who appear in comic form as well as being animated as marching cats (below)  + there is also a free app game

The app is available for the ipad and iphone. It's hella cute but after struggling to play it first time round (it's in Japanese) I hunted down these helpful instructions in English (lifesaver!)

You can also follow them on twitter!

So has anyone played the game? Love it?


  1. So cute! I just downloaded the game and am still a little confused lol. The guide definitely helps though!

  2. I've finally started playing the hello kitty game too!!

  3. don't worry I have an 80's esque nokia as my actual phone :P Just happened to also have an ipad but I'm way behind in the phone arena!

  4. where can I get the guide? I'm playing it but I'm from Mexico and don't undestand all the japanese stuff there.. can someone tell me?