Monday, September 9, 2013

Hot Guys with Cats and Kittens

This tumblr, Des Hommes et des Chatons, makes me laugh so much! It couples hot guys getting their model on, alongside cats and kittens doing the same.  I'll fess up here and say I don't really go for the muscle guy look but I totally appreciate the awesome-ness of this tumblr!  Actually I think I've gone and picked the least muscly guys for this appreciation post, lol lol! Better head to the blog for your own preference :)

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How about Cats in Space, Celebrities with Cats or Cute Boys with Cats!


  1. Cats and handsome men should be my first reading in the morning, hehehe. I'm also like you said more inclined to those less muscular and more Joseph Gordon Levitt-ish ;)

  2. lol lol, like my skinny nerd guys :P