Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chase no Face

chase no face

When I first saw a picture of Chase No Face, I'm going to be completely honest and say I was a little taken aback.  I guess I surprised myself as everyday, in my day job, I'm taught not to judge a book by its cover, as a disability support worker.  I think my reaction came from never seeing a cat without eyelids, or fur on their face or a cute button nose.  As someone that is all about cuteness, I think it's nice sometimes to broaden the definition :) 

Seeing Chase brought back memories of watching medical shows with my hands half covering my eyes - if you read Chase's facebook profile you'll see that Chase is not in any pain and perfectly happy, so no need to cover my :)  They only thing Chase does require are eye drops and medication to lubricate his eyes, due to his lack of eyelids.  His owner said she does warn people entering her house that Chase looks slightly different, so here is your warning.  He really is a cutie though!

 Ta daaa, Chase in all his lacking face fur glory :)

 I love that Chase's doppelganger (posted on his facebook page) is a furby, how awesome!

There is also lots of neat Chase artworks floating around on the net especially by Josh Ellingson, who did three of the five artworks posted below :)

Sketch of Chase by Josh Ellingson
Kid Robot Toy Custom by Josh Ellingson
papertigress and erspears
Chase no face by Josh Ellingson
What was your reaction to Chase?

Where to find chase
His Website


  1. I was pretty shocked at first! I thought it was bad enough my cat only has one eye! Now I'm just amazed that a cat is able to live this way. I'm sure he's a cutie in real life :)

  2. yeah I was definitely shocked too, had to do a few double takes, it is amazing he's in no pain and 'm glad he found himself a loving owner too :)

  3. I feel so good he found somebody that loves in no matter what <3

  4. This is so rad. As veterinary nurse it is so hard to explain to people that animals can cope with these problems. I can't wait to show him to all my work people. :)