Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Winston Bananas

I get to introduce you to Winston Bananas! Bananas because he loves bananas :P

winston bananas

Recognise those bananas? Perhaps Winston's Toilet Paper of choice would be this Hello Kitty one :P

 Anyway enough about bananas and toilet paper, we're here for Winston and the best way to get to know Winston is to watch his youtube videos! His first video was five years ago and the last updated one was a year ago but his twitter is still going strong!

 Winston is an exotic shorthair and the video below gives you a nice introduction to him :)

Meowfail is also a funny one to watch

And what's with the bananas?

Check out his owner, Rich Juzwiak's youtube channel for lots more Winston


  1. I love Winston! That banana video is gold.

  2. he's great I'd love to meet him in the flesh and maybe give him a banana :)

  3. hahahaha, so funny the banana video! The days before Juno arrived into our home we saw several times the Winston isn't normal video to learn more about exotic shorthair behavior :P

  4. He is my soulmate<3 i love bananas ahaha

  5. LOL Damaris! That's awesome education right there :)

    I love bananas too Sara they're my breakfast choice at the moment!