Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Waffles the Cat

waffles the cat

Waffles the cat, is a super cute Scottish Fold belonging to Derek and Laine from America.  Laine is an artist herself - you can find cute prints of Waffles + pillows to purchase in her store envy shop :)

Waffles is pretty big on the social media front, he has his own facebook page his own twitter and a tumblr blog too! (all photos below I grabbed from there btw).  Onwards to Waffles!

Who can resist a cat with huge cute eyes?

Or one dressed up in a knitted bunny hat! Eeep!

 One of the prints you can buy in their store envy shop

More cute dress ups :) Yes please!

 Laine is also the artist behind the app game Rumble Kitten. It seems to only be available for the iphone and I don't have one of those :( Its free though, so someone please try it out and give us some feedback :)

Waffles lying on his pillows which look to be sold out at the moment :(

Cute cute cute!

Want even more Waffles?

Derek and Laine have their own youtube channel where you can watch waffles do his thing :)


  1. I think Waffles might be the cutest cat yet. Such big eyes.

  2. *gasps* that is CUTE

    One of my cats is a Scottish fold too, sadly he gets a lot of bad infection but still, a happy and affectionate cat <3

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. Such a cute breed :)

    That's no good your cat gets bad infections :( Good that he's a happy affectionate cat though :)

    Ahh I want a cat so bad!!

  4. I love the non existent ears of scottish folds <3

    waffle is awesome :D