Thursday, August 8, 2013

Teru Teru (cat) Bozu DIY

teru teru cat bozu diy
artwork by my lovely friend Mayuko!
I remember when living in Japan, riding my bike around town, during the wet season and seeing all these cute (what I believed to be) ghosts hanging up.  These ghost dolls, were actually Teru Teru Bozu, which my friend Mayuko said, directly translates to,"shine shine monk".  Ahh oops, not ghosts, but bald headed monks :P The shine shine bit is all about the sunshine, as the dolls, when hung the right way up, ask for the rains to stay away but if you're wanting rain you simply flip them upside down :P Very cute.  There is some more info up on the wiki page which includes a be-heading of a monk but I like to stick with the cute facts :P

teru teru cat

With cuteness in mind I thought I would flip the switch and make myself a Teru Teru (cat) Bozu!  It's been a rainy winter here on the coast  and I'd definitely like more sunshine.  This DIY is super simple and can be easily adapted to whatever you have lying around in your crafty supply box! I know you have one :)

Teru teru bozu tutorial

Styrofoam ball
Napkin/hankerchief/square bit of fabric
Fabric for ears
Rubber band
Pretty Ribbons/Sequins/beads/bells
String to tied your cat up with

teru teru bozu diy

I started off with grand ideas of hand sewing everything on, which transitioned into me gluing everything which ended in me using a bunch of pins, to hold everything in place. ( I swear nobody is looking that closely :P).  In the pic above, I pinned on the ears (which I cut out of material) I pinned on the black sequin eyes and glued on the diamante nose.  The good thing about the styrofoam ball as the base, is that it easily takes pins!  I finished my cat off with some cute ribbon and a bell.  The hankerchief I found as a set of four, at the thrift store for a $2 dollars and the styrofoam balls I picked up from a cheap shop for a few bucks. 

Easy, cheap and cute...triple threat DIY!

Teru teru japanese rain doll

The red string was also just lying in my craft box; again I stuck a pin through the string and attached it to my cat's head, super easy!

teru teru bozu cats

Ta-daaa! I can also report since they've been hanging in my room the last few days that the weather has taken a dramatic change...coincidence much?  Sunny Coasters you owe these guys a big thank-you :P


  1. Love how your Teru Teru Bozu turned out! So cute with the ears :) A great DIY, hope I am able to find a similar delicate hankerchiefs!

  2. :) :)

    I might have been lucky, pretty much the first day I went in search of the hankerchiefs I found them :) Goodluck!!!

  3. These are so adorable and would look so nice hanging up in my bedroom. I need to make them!

    1. aww thanks Eleanor, it was a fun DIY to make :)