Friday, August 2, 2013

San X: Palette's Sweet Street

Okay for this week's San X cat I'm going to be open and honest and I say I know nothing about :P I'm even guessing when I say that Palette is the name of the black cat :P Hey it's a pretty good guess, I do know Palette lives on a sweet street in Paris! (the Eiffel tower gives that one away)


I like how San X has gone all girly on us, lace and bows, pastels and flowers...pretty :)

Do you know I've only got one more remaining San X Cat post to go :( It's been a fun ride showcasing them each week and I may have a whole new series to bring you after, weeeee!

San X Page


  1. There are so many San X's!
    this one is especially sweet :D

  2. Yes, way more than I initially realised! They love their cats :)