Friday, August 9, 2013

San X Cat Characters

Okay so this is the final San X Cat Post (or until they bring out more characters!) I have two final cats to share - unfortunately they were too obscure to have their own blog post :(

First up is Nekoara, who seems to have been forgotten about, marketing wise. Neko ('cat' in japanese) and Koara (bad engrish for koala) how amazing is that! So cute...someone give this character it's own TV show!  He even has his own sausage-octopus side kick :) 

Second up is Koyainu's cat. Koyainu is that crazy dog/dog house combo.  The grey cat uses the roof to stay dry but dreams of one day sunbaking on it's roof, come on Koyainu, let the cat on the roof :P
source: nekoara / koyainu's cat

Finally I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of all the san x cat characters, so when I'm standing in front of cute cat stationary I can go "ahh that's....".  Actually I have a shocking memory but at least I now have some pretty pictures to refer back too :)
sanx cat characters


  1. I definitely have a new found appreciation my eyes were only for Sanrio before!