Friday, August 30, 2013

Jetoy - Choco Cat

So we've met Jetoy's Choo Choo Cats and Mellow and Dew and today we're getting to know Choco Cat.  Not much on this guy but I love that pink/brown/blue aesthetic.  It reminds me when hubba bubba released a strawberry/chocolate bubble gum.  I bring that up to everyone but nobody ever knows what im talking about! Anyway, way off topic...Choco Cat, yup he is insanely cute and gosh how I'd love to get my hands on one of those diaries, I mean look at the stickers that come with it!

choco cat

All images taken from the Jetoy Website


  1. let's live in Koreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please

  2. I know, it's definitely on my places to visit at least!

  3. Cute. Sanrio also have a Chococat, but he's all black and they spell it as one word.

  4. I've actually got a few chococat items, I think I actually prefer sanrio's guy but they're still both cute :)