Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guest Post: Calico Cat Cafe - Japan

I'm so excited to share a Japanese Cat Cafe, reviewed by the lovely Claire from South by North. Make sure you check out her blog afterwards, it's seriously filled with the most beautiful photos!

Thanks Claire for your lovely words & photos for today's post....enjoy everyone!

Let's just caveat this whole thing by saying that I LOVE CATS, probably more than is normal.

Before we went to Japan I knew I wanted to visit a cat cafe, although as David is highly allergic (but also loves cats) we didn't make a special point of seeking one out. One evening we were wandering around Shinjuku and stumbled across a little sign - 'Calico Cat Cafe'. I don't know how we spotted it, the cat gods must have been shining on us. We took the lift up to the sixth floor, not quite sure what to expect.

We paid 1000 Yen at the door for one hour of cat time. Like everywhere else in Japan, Calico Cat Cafe is super-hygenic. Before entering the cat area we had to leave our shoes, jackets and bags in a locker, put on special slippers and thoroughly wash our hands. The rules were explained to us: no picking up, but stroking or playing is allowed, and please use the toys provided. This cafe has two floors joined with a staircase, and there were around 25-30 cats of many breeds roaming around. There was no stinky cat or litter tray smell, and I was very impressed with how well groomed the animals were. 

We spent about twenty minutes stalking a few cats, trying to pat and play with them, but honestly they were not massively interested. There was a Japanese girl who was definitely some kind of cat whisperer as she had managed to get about five of them on her lap - I was pretty jealous. This was a bit frustrating as I had envisaged that I would be rolling around in a sea of cats. In reality most of them were quite stand-offish, only a few were happy to lie down and be patted. Then we cottoned on that you could pay 300 Yen for a small tupperware of cooked chicken… I was suddenly surrounded by ten cats who wanted to be my best friend/eat all my chicken. This made me feel like a proper crazy cat lady - and I was loving it. We played with and fed the cats for the rest of the hour and they climbed on our laps, it was awesome. My favourite was a lovely persian cat with the squishiest face, he got most of my chicken. Then our hour was up and David's throat started to close over so it was time to get out of there. 

Calico Cat Cafe was one of my favourite places that we visited in Japan - it was so odd yet seemed so normal to everyone there. We went at night time, after dinner so it was nice and quiet. You could tell that the cats are extremely well loved and looked after. The staff were very friendly and tried to get the cats to play and sit with us, but if you really want to interact then you will need to buy the chicken. 

DETAILS: Calico Cat Cafe, 1-16-2 Kabukicho | 6FShinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture 160-0021Japan
1000 Yen ($10) for one hour minimum

Thanks Claire!

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  1. Ahh I know, I wish I had of gone on my last trip to Japan but to be honest I was still a little bit scared of cats then :P