Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shironeko - Basket Cat


I'm so happy to get to introduce you to Shironeko - my favourite internet cat out there (well maybe a close second after Maru!)  Shironeko comes from Japan and actually lives with four other cats.  

Shironeko is know for having mastered the art of being Zen and you'll see why from the photos below.  I was actually wondering how his owner got him to balance all these fruits and vegs and items on his head, I had images of bribery with set timer shutters and a billion photos taken to get that one perfect shot! If you watch any of the videos on youtube (I posted one at the bottom) you get to see just how zen Shironeko and his mates are!  Shironeko seems to have become the star and my guess is because he is the most zen - plus he has that insanely cute smile :)  I'm sharing my favourite photos below, all taken from his owner's photozou album

Balancing Kumquats! 

Blog (It's in Japanese but has super cute photos!)
Photozou Album
(a billion more cute photos to look through)
Youtube Channel
(click here to watch the zen-ness!)
(unfortunately the books seems only available on Amazon Japan)


  1. Oh my goodness - these cats are particularly amazing!

  2. The owners needs to allow guided tours, he he he. The backgrounds in some shots look amazing, definitely more rural japan, farming land and I spy snow too! super pretty

  3. OMG! My heart just skipped a beat. Now I want to stick cup noodles on my cats heads.

  4. I know! I fear for any future cats I may own :P Sorry in advance! he he

  5. Shironeko and his family of cats are my favorite ever <3 love them so much!

  6. I think they must be living the sweetest life too, to be that content :) It makes me happy just thinking about it!

  7. Oh gosh, Shironeko is my favourite. When I was in Japan I bought both of his books, he and his siblings are just so adorable.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Oh super jealous! I bet the books are amazing :)