Friday, July 26, 2013

San X: Jewel Cat

I can usually figure out if  a San X character is popular if they produce wallpaper freebies of that character.  Jewel Cat is one such popular design, even managing to get two spin off characters;  Jewel Cat Ribbon - pretty much Jewel Cat except she wears a bow with a jewel in the middle and Jewel Cat Kirakira - who wears flowers and is all about the glitter and sparkles!  - source  You should be able to spy all three cats below!

As for the story behind Jewel Cat herself, I'll post directly from the San X translated page for some fun engrish!

"Fairy cat living in jewelry box.  Rumor part of the eye that is made of jewelry, and eye color coat changes and phases of the moon, due to the condition of the light. People who were able to find such as I get a happy power. The (efficacy seems to come with different color when I saw) "

jewel cat sanx

p.s. how adorable are these bentos! 
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