Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maneki Neko aka Lucky Cat

I'm all about Lucky Cats at the moment and thought I'd share some I've been collecting together on Pinterest (btw I'm addicted to that site!).  Do we all know Lucky Cats are known as Maneki Nekos in Japanese? I think people also refer to them as good luck/fortune cats or welcoming cats or beckoning cat (which is the direct translation of Maneki Neko).  They're called beckoning because they beckon in good fortune :) Ah-ha!

From what I have gathered (and tell everyone :P)  is that the left paw up brings in friendship (or customers - if positioned outside a business) and the right is all about the money.  Ben brought me a vintage Maneki money box for my birthday and the right paw is up so that makes sense! I also made a clay Maneki and sculptered the left paw up - both are sitting next to me, so hopefully it means money and friends :)  You can see Manekis everywhere, especially sitting on the counter of Asian food establishments (some even have a mechanical paw).  

 Below is an eclectic mix of Manekis I've gathered for us to enjoy :)
Maybe we'll get lucky just by looking at them!

 A giant Maneki Head located in Tokoname, Japan :)

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A toothbrush holder or shoes or both...yes please!


This is the vintage money box Ben got me for my birthday, it's huge!

Our favourite Grandma Misao demonstrating the lucky cat paw!

A bus shelter in Nekozuka, Japan

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An awesome shirt and an even more awesome Lucky Cat costume!

A Japanese ema (wooden plaque to write your wishes on) at Gotokuji temple, Japan

The cutest Maneki Packaging!!

My clay Maneki welcoming in friends or at least Tyler the cat!

 And a picture of him before being clay fired and painted

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A pretty Maiko adorning some lucky cats and the cutest drink around :)

Opening my birthday present!! I was super surprised and happy :)

Maneki in the streets!

 Gathering photos of Maneki's on counters, in my travels :)

And possibly my favourite Maneki photo of all time, or at least for now :)

There is actually a great wiki article on the Maneki Neko and it explains why the cats are depicted wearing a collar with a bell and sometimes a bib and also what the heck, that thing they hold is!


  1. Sooooo cute. That last photo is definitely one of my favorites as well n.n I love maneki nekos!

  2. Maneki love, all round!! I'm looking forward to building up my photography collection of them. When I got to ask shops if I can take a picture, sometime there is a language barrier moment and I think they're about to say no, but really they're thinking "why would you?" he he he, they always gleefully oblige!

  3. I had one a friend brought me from Japan,but i lost it :/

    maybe that's way i have been broke? ahaha

  4. I think all the answers have now been revealed for you :P he he