Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Henri Le Chat Noir

henri le chat noir fanart
Let me introduce to Henri Le Chat Noir the cat who took out the Golden Kitty Award for Best Cat Video on the Internet.  Written and directed by Will Braden, the videos feature Henry who lives in existential despair; a depressed thinker, invisible to others and disillusioned about the World.  Henry also lives with three other cats (his commentary on the white cat in the house is especially funny!)  There are currently 9 short videos out on his youtube channel with L'haunting being my favourite (posted below).

I also really enjoy The Worst Noel and Le Vet which is currently up to 1.5 million views.
Below is a snippet of dialogue from it...

"I'm told I'm famous on the internet"
"but for what?"
"my torment?"
"nothing changes and each day blends into the next"

Will Braden also has a youtube channel which features the two original shorts Henri and Henri 2, Paw de Deux which won him the Golden Kitty award!  By the way, do you recognise the artwork background?  Henry got his full name, 'Le Chat Noir' (which literally means, 'The Black Cat' in French) from the 19th-century cabaret.  The cabaret "a bustling nightclub that was part artist salon, part rowdy music hall is best remembered by its iconic Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen poster art" - source

It was super fun getting to recreate the design :)

Henri's YouTube Channel / Will Braden YouTube Channel / Henri's Web Site / Henri Le Chat Noir Book / Henri'sr Wiki Page / Henri's Facebook / Henri's Twitter 


  1. I love Henryyyyyyyyy <3 he reminds me of my parents cat, Tone <3

  2. he definitely looks like Tone!!