Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Kitty Onesie!

So the title lies a little as this Onesie or Kigurumi (as they're known in Japan) is actually Charmmy Kitty not Hello Kitty.  Did you know Hello Kitty has her own cat? Well you do now :P  Charmmy is essentially the fluffier more updated version of Hello Kitty :P 

Hello Kitty Kigurumi

So when I was in Japan I picked myself up this Kigurumi, unfortunately it would be kind of odd to wear as street fashion here in Australia and I have this silly thought that it's too good to wear as pjs, so for now it sits in a sad!

Hello Kitty Costume
So what makes Charmmy Kitty different to Hello Kitty, well her trademark is that lace trim bow

Charmmy Kitty Kigurumi Onesie
and she also wears a necklace with a key that opens Hello Kitty’s jewelry box!  Awww :)

hello kitty onsie

It's silly and fun and I love it!

So are you like me and don't use things because they're "too good" lol!


  1. So cute! I want one too! But only for private bedroom parties haha

    And I totally relate to the 'not using stuff because it's too good', especially with stationary! I can never bring myself to use it. I'd rather just frame it and look at it all day Cx

  2. i think people should make more parties were we can all dress animal suits :D

    i used to be like that,not using things because 9''they were too good' but now i'm almost cured ahaha

  3. yes, animal suit parties...I'm in! Ahh I'm a shocker for stationary, I need to force myself to use my stuff!! I'm starting a sticker album collection just so I can look at my stickers lovingly :P

    I need someone to teach me the is too short? Use your things! lol

  4. Ah super cute, so very Cara Delevingne of you haha :)