Monday, July 29, 2013

Artist: Tomoko Nagai

I kept seeing this awesome grey, cat plush, popping up on the internet and decided to invest further! Turned out to be by, Japanese artist Tomoko Nagai :) Tomoko is the Queen of pastels and ponies, princesses and cats.  I'm not only in love with the subject matter but also her expressive, mixed media style *cheesy grin*  I couldn't find an email address, to contact Tomoko so I wasn't able to ask her to take part in our artists interview but I still wanted to make sure she had own blog post!  You can see more of her great art here (all photos taken from there as well).

Installation view from: A child and an owl and a gray cat Sparkling on Sunday, 2008
I hung out with spring, 2012
Snow Kitten, 2010

A Break, 2010

Gray Cat + Snow Princess, 2010

The famous grey cat above, how awesomely rad is he!