Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Artist Kristina McLean

With much delight we get to meet Kristina McLean from Queen Of The Cats.  It would be super crazy for me not to include Kristina as she is definitely the Queen, when it comes to making cat artworks :) Not only is her work amazingly cat themed it's also amazingly awesome; her wide eyed fluro cats are going to leave you insanely happy :) I promise!  Kristina takes five with us today below...

1) Do you have your own cat?
yes three lady cats we got from local cat rescues (bambi, princess zara & hazel)

2) Favourite thing to draw besides cats?
anything so cute it's kinda creepy. mostly animals and girls.

3) Favourite (type/internet/movie/) cat?
garfield. i can really relate to him because i love to eat and sleep.

4) Something people would be surprised to know about you?
i have two kids. and also i write hip hop beats/electronic instrumentals.

5) Best place for others to find/follow you?

Thanks Kristina we love your art!


  1. i want a wll just for cat prints <3

    i would love for you to feature Garfield,he is also my favorite cat ever!

  2. A cat wall of art would be amazing!
    Garlfield you say? your wish is my command! I'll definitely do a garfield post :)