Friday, June 28, 2013

Shiawase Nyanko

This week's San-X character is Shiawase Nyanko (Happy Kitty) an angel cat who is all about making everyone happy and all their fortunes come true :)

There are four characters in the series.  

The little gold guy next to Shiawase is 'Kinun Nyanko', who as you may have already guessed is all about the coin, bringing fortune by way of wealth!  'Nyantan' (blue angel) is Shiawase boyfriend a sporty dude bringing luck and health :) And lastly and not so angel like is 'Devilkun' the mischievous one of the bunch! On a side note I love how the san-x translated page says, "person knows well that only money is not the key to good fortune". So very true cute cat characters!

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