Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat

I love photographing cats, I love Japan and I have a fondness for Grandmas so when I found out about Misao and her cat Fukumaru, my dreams came true. Fukumaru, the odd eyed cat was found by Misao in her shed and since then, the two have become inseparable.

Misao's Granddaughter, Ihara Miyoko, is the one behind the magical photographs of Misao and Fukumaru and their daily life togther.  A book is due to be realeased June 5th but you can pre-order a copy here or check out more photos over one Mikoyo's site.

I picked some of my favourites below :) 

One a personal note, these photos make me happy with a slight touch of sadness as Misao reminds me of my own Grandma who not so recently passed away. I hope one day I can be as cute/funny and kind as both of these ladies :)  I made a video to remember my Grandma, if anyone feels like watching, it's here


  1. Wonderful photos -- I hope they'll have many years together! That was a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.

  2. I hope they have many years together too! Thank-you for your kind words too :)

  3. These photos are really sweet! I hope Misao and Kitty lives a fun life together!

  4. this pictures always leave me very emotional*

    sorry for your loss,Fiona... i don't have grandmothers or grandfathers since i was 17.i will always miss them

  5. Aww, thank-you I think Grandparents are so wonderful! I'm not sure if I want kids or not but I'd love to be a Grandma :P

  6. Awww these pictures are truly amazing <33 warms my heart.