Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good VS Evil Disney Cats

Yup I'm doing it Good vs Evil Disney Cats :) 

First up THE GOOD!
The Aristocats
I just watched this with my delightful boyfriend Ben, who is ever encouraging of my cat obsession...thanks Ben!  Anyway the Artistocats storyline essentially boils down to that crazy posh cat lady, Madame (above) who plans to leave all her riches in her will, to her cat; Duchess and her three kittens (pictured below) Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz

The butler hears of these plans and tries to take out the cats but sort of fails and drops them under a bridge (it's not that dramatic as they're in a cute basket with a bow).  Mumma cat, Duchess, then meets street cat, Thomas, who is all over her until he finds out she has kittens (what a player!)  The kittens on the other hand get all excited about a potential father figure :P

Duchess who is quite the pedigree eventually falls madly (and quickly) in love with Thomas after he introduces her to his musical cat friends and they dance the night away. Ahhh love is so simple in Disney movies!

Thomas's Friends: Scat Cat on double bass, Shun Gon on piano, Hit Cat on guitar and Peppo on the accordion

The story ends with Madame adopting Thomas and adding him to her will.  
Madame also starts a charity foundation for all the stray cats of Paris (yep crazy cat lady!)

The Rescuers: Rufus
Rufus is an eldery cat from The Rescuers.  Rufus doesn't play a big part in the film but we know he has good heart as he tells orphan Penny (above) not to loose hope about getting adopted and gives the mice (aka the rescuers) information on her whereabouts when she goes missing :)

Pinocchio: Figaro
Figaro, is the cute kitten who belongs to Geppetto, the wood carver responsible for Pinocchio.  When Pinocchio doesn't come home, Geppetto, Figaro and Cleo (the goldfish) go searching for Pinocchio and end up being swallowed by Monstro, the giant whale.  I'll let you in on a little secret, the ending is a happy one :)

Alice in Wonderland:  Dinah
Dinah is Alice's cat and pretty much a cute Figaro with a bow. 
Unfortunately Dinah doesn't feature much in the movie, apart from a small part at the start and end.

Oliver and company
According to wiki the film is about a"homeless kitten named Oliver (who) joins a gang of dogs to survive on the 1980s New York City streets".  Has anyone seen it? Is it worthy of a watch?

101 Dalmation: Sergeant Tibbs
Sergeant Tibbs (a properly spoken tabby cat) works alongside Captain (a horse) and a slightly senial Colonel (English sheepdog) to help investigate and rescue, Pongo and Perdita's 15 stolen puppies; taken by Cruella De Vil.  I especially love how Disney pair's up dogs and cats :)

So that's the Goodies all wrapped up, now onto the VILLIANS!

Pinocchio: Gideon
Gideon is the mute side kick to (the not so) honest, John the Fox.  The pair stumble across Pinocchio and realise they could sell Pinocchio to Stromboli's  traveling theatre and make some coin.  Pinocchio eventually gets out of there thanks to the blue fairy but the plot thickens when Honest John and Gideon cross paths with The Coachman who offers to pay money for little boys, to take them to pleasure island; which always freaked me out as a kid!   The Coachmen and to a lesser extent Stromboli are the real villains but Honest John and Gideon definitely play a part in Pinocchio's misfortunes.

Cinderella: Lucifer
Lucifer belongs to Cinderella's Stepmother and spends his time terrorising the cute innocent mice throughout the film.  Even Cinderella at the start of the film struggles to find anything good to say about Lucifer when she is teaching the dog to be tolerant and that everyone has a good side :P  Lucifer is pretty much the cat on inspector gadget...am I right?

Lady and the Tramp: Si and Am
"Attacking my poor innocent little angels" remarks Aunt Sarah as she comes down the stairs to see the lounge in dismay blaming Lady for it all.  We know who the real culprits are though, Si and Am  who tried to eat the bird and the fish and steal milk from the baby!  Just like Shun Gon in the Aristocats, Disney does a pretty offensive, stereotyped Asian character portrayal, it was 1955 though.  Let's just say the World has come a long way!

The Great Mouse Detective: Felicia
I want to include Felicia because she is such a rad drawn cat.  She falls under the baddie category because she eats mice which are cute in this movie, even though she has a cute purple bow she is definitely not a good guy :P

The Leftovers
Are they good, are they bad???
Bolt: Mittens
Mittens is mean to pigeons but has a sympathetic back story (left on the streets by her owners).  Mittens eventually gets adopted by Penny (after going on an adventure with bolt to find her) with a happily ever after storyline...who would of guessed!

Alice in Wonderland: Cheshire Cat
You want to love him, with his cheeky grin and bright colours but he deliberately gets Alice in trouble with the Queen, so much so, that the Queen decides to be-head her.  Let's just say he is more devious and crazy than a straight out bad guy though :)

So just like a perfect Disney movie Good trumps Evil in the end just by sheer number!
Have a favourite? I'm going to be so predictable and pick cute Figaro :)

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