Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cat Deco Swiss Roll Cake

 I visited my friend the other day and promised I would bring a cake. I had my eye on these Deco Cake rolls for a while now and decided to give one a go :)  I searched online and settled on the youtube tutorial below; having a video to watch is mighty helpful + the recipe is typed out neatly in the about section :)

My only critique is that my cake seemed to be a bit too wet (I'm guessing because 14 minutes wasn't long enough in the oven). I also didn't have a silicone mat but improvised with baking paper :)

If you want to give my cat design a go, click on the image below, and print it out (this is what you'll place on the bottom of the pan, covered over by the baking paper/silicone mat onto which you'll pipe the design).


The eyes get piped first and placed in the oven for 30 seconds (don't go a second over!) and then the hearts and cat heads get piped and popped into the oven for another minute and a half. I know that doesn't make much sense but it will if you watch the video :)

Also the instructions say to add the red food colouring to your main batch but I would do this after scooping out your two bowls worth, so those colours (the cream and the blue) can stay truer, I wanted my cat heads to be a little less pink!

The verdict? If you know me, you know that I absolutely hate sponge cake, but this roll was delicious! (perhaps due to being undercooked or riddled with cream or a bit of both :P) I will warn you that it's a whole lot of effort and'll need to sacrifice a good three hours and many bowls which will all eventually need to be cleaned!

Want more cute Cat themed food? Check out the Cat Pizzas my boyfriend and I made :)


  1. This is quite amazing! I can't believe you made that cute cake yourself. Way to go.

  2. Aaaah it looks so cute (and professional!) n.n

  3. ahahah that's why i never do complicated stuff,i always get everything dirty and no washine machine here and i get very very lazy and eat a bowl of cereal :P

    i really admire those who are persistent in the kitchen <3

    you cake seems delicious,Fee!

  4. Thanks guys! Yeah sometimes half way through something I question why I started it :P oops but it was enjoyed in the end, so I think that counts :)