Monday, June 10, 2013

Artist Mel Stringer

Today we get to meet the ever delightful Mel Stringer.  Mel is an aussie artist who I've admired for a long time now, she just an all-round, amazing, illustrator/artist/creative being :) She also draws everything I love, from bows and hearts to girls in cute outfits and of course cats!

Mel kindly takes five with us today :)

1) Do you have your own cat?
No, I wish I had a cat like Erin Hunting's cat Louis. Or Lil Bub or Snoopy Babe!

I used to have a cat when I was little. He was a fluffy Siamese. I named him 'Creamy Colour'. But he scratched me alot because I liked to play a bit rough. It scared my parents so they gave him to some nice, gentle people that loved him.
2) Favourite thing to draw besides cats?
Girls! Or girls dressed as cats. Hearts, lightning bolts, stars.

3) Favourite (type/internet/movie/) cat?
My favorite cat is probably Lil Bub!

4) Something people would be surprised to know about you?
I am half Filipino!

5) Best place for others to find/follow you?

Thanks Mel!
Go check her out peeps, she is super amazing :)