Friday, May 24, 2013

Tyler the Cat


I had the delightful privilege of getting to house sit Tyler over the weekend and to take some cute cat pictures of him :)   Tyler belongs to Lucy, a friend of my Boyfriend, Ben.  Lucy is an amazing animal lover and as a result Tyler is such a sweet cat who is needy for the love :P

 I think in the end Tyler got sick of me stalking him with my camera though..oops!

Tyler playing in the garden, Lucy also has the nicest property/garden!

Sneaking away from me perhaps? :P

Playtime :)

Kissing Giraffe statues! I also love Giraffes so this picture makes my heart melt!

Hiding again?

Tyler did get his claws out, with me, for some play fighting, which normally would have freaked me out hardcore but I simply picked up a branch and played on...mega proud moment for me...despite my blog's title I would be lying if I said, there wasn't a tiny bit of fear, that comes back when the claws come out!

love you Ty Guy!

P.S. More photos of Tyler over Here and Here on my personal art blog


  1. adorable that tyler and the picture with the giraffe is my favourite too. i love cat kisses you really have to earn them :)