Friday, May 31, 2013

San X: Nyan Puku

This week's San X Cat Character is Nyan Puku. Nyan is the onomatopoeic word for a cat's purr and from what I can tell Puku means to Swell or perhaps the polite way of saying tubby :P (he seems to love his food!)

Nyan Puku is a Maneki-Neko 'beckoning cat' or lucky cat. If the lucky cat holds up it's right paw it's said to bring in wealth and the left paw up invites customers/friends :) Nyan Puku seems to hold up both paws at different times, which means San X can cash in on money holding merchandise...cute purse anyone? and at the same time introduce some friends for Nyan Puku..perfect!

My favourite part of Nyan Puku though is his cute little love heart on his back!

Where to find Nyan Puku on the Web: San-X Page