Friday, May 17, 2013

Lion Mane Costume for Cats

Eeep how cute are these Lion Mane costumes!  I first heard about them from a daily mail article and it seems they are quite the popular item!   Below are photos lovingly modeled by Yumiko Landers (creator) cat!

Photos taken from Yumiko's Pinterest

To get your own Lion hat visit Yumiko Landers's etsy store, Nesta's Nest

Wanna see more cute cats in costumes? Head over to my Cat Costumes post  :)


  1. ahahaha my cats would ever never let me put something like this on :')

  2. I do wonder the amazing amount of good will these cats that get dressed up must have :) Or maybe they are slightly oblivious to it, or just think it's what every cat owner does :P