Monday, May 6, 2013

Cat Costumes

I know dressing up animals is a touchy subject but if the cat doesn't mind and they look cute,
I think it's win win :)

 This get up is called 'The Hello Kitty Transformation Kit'.  As someone that loves cats and Hello Kitty and dressing up, this is beyond amazing

We promise not to eat you :)

source 1 & 2 Doraemon Kitty!

Just another day in the office for Lemon who helps out at a police station in Kyoto.  Read more about this cuteness here

These lovely designs are the work of Takako Iwasa (aka Prin Mama) she actually has a book out called Fashion Cats, which I own and can personally say is super cute.  If you want to check out more of her designs her website is here

Internet sensation, Luna the Fashion Kitty.  I'll make sure to blog about more in depth later, she is one stylish kitty. 

awwww! source

Catbus :)

Dr Octopus is the name of the cat in the irish get up and belongs to cat lady extraordinaire, Kaylah, who often blogs about her four cats on her blog The Dainty Squid
Source 1 & 2

So who is your favourite???

Want to see some more cats in costumes, head over here for some cute cats in lion manes :)


  1. I don't know about dressing up my cat everyday, but once in awhile for a cute pic totally! I love the hamburger one (:


  2. Cat bus!
    My cats never would allow no dressing,ahaha.

  3. lol, I imagine it's a very small percentage of cats that would :P