Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Artist Sarah McNeil

 I'm starting a series on artist's who draw/paint insanely cute cats! First up is the delightful, Sarah McNeil who creates beautiful gouache and pencil artworks.  She currently offers custom pet portraits done in her lovely style, a mix of simplicity and sweetness :) I'm a huge fan! I asked Sarah to answer five fun questions for us :)

1) Do you have your own cat?
I used to have a tiny grey puffy cat who was really cute. I am travelling a lot at the moment so it's too difficult to have a cat right now but I hope to adopt one again one day.

2) Favourite thing to draw besides cats?
Leaves and nature stuff. Also badly made carnival toys are fun to draw.

3) Favourite (type/internet/movie/) cat?
There was a cat who walked by my window yesterday, I like that cat. Fluffy cats.

4) Something people would be surprised to know about you?
I really like to play pool if that's interesting. 

5) Best place for others to find/follow you? 
My portfolio website is at 400pencils.com, there are links to all my internet things there :) 

Thanks Sarah!


  1. So so sweet! Delicate and fairy-tale like :)

  2. definitely beautiful artworks!

  3. i already knew Sara's job, she is such a talent :)

  4. These are gorgeous illustration. I wish I had the skill to draw and paint like that :(

  5. They definitely are gorgeous she is one talented lass :)