Monday, April 22, 2013

San-X : Kutusita Nyanko

It was only till recently I discovered San-X wasn't a spin off company of Sanrio. They both have cute character merchandise and 'san' in their title, so I don't think I was completely bonkers with my thought process!

According to Wiki San-X was founded in 1932 but only got it's name San-X in 1973 oddly enough the same year 'Yamanashi Silk Company' aka Sanrio, changed names too...conspiracy?!? Anyway it doesn't matter both company create mega cuteness and lots of cute cat characters which by the way, I'm going profile each week for you guys!

I'm starting today with Kutusita Nyanko because he's my fav :) 'Kutusita' translates to socks and 'Nyanko' is the cutsey word for kitten ('nyan' the onomatopoeic word for a cat's purr and 'ko' meaning little or child). On the San-X website Kutusita Nyanko is actually named Bon Chan! So there you go. The internet seems to says that Kutusita Nyanko is also known as boots, which makes sense because of his white socks! Also a google search of "Wara Neko" also brings up Kutusita...argh too many names!

Kutusita Nyanko seemed to always be hanging out with other cats or playing the piano! The only info I could find was from this site which talks about his pals "Bamichan" the shy cat who lives with Kutusita Nyanko, "Norutti" who Kutusita Nyanko rescued and "Lossy" one of Papa's friends cat's. By the way Papa is a human who goes to work whilst Kutusita Nyanko has adventures in his absence :) I don't know if you're like me but I love the back stories they create for their characters. I just wish I knew more about the other characters, especially that cute white cat with the blue and yellow eye? Any ideas??

All pictures taken from the san-x website that offer free wallpapers, go check them out :)

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