Monday, April 8, 2013

Introducing Nemuneko aka Sleepy Cat

I won't lie, I love Skill Testers aka UFO Catchers/Claw Machines/Crane Game, heck whatever you want to call them they're addictive! In my travels I stumbled across this cute plush known as Nemuneko (sleepy cat) and found out it's produced by the Japanese company Furyu who as far as I can tell specialise in video/mobile games, photo booth machines and arcade prizes.

I was able to pull the following pics from the site, Chara Hiroba which posts which plushies will be available for the next upcoming weeks/months in the various machines across Japan. Now I just need to work on my Claw Machine skills and get a plane ticket to Japan :P

There is a Mobile App Game , Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page though they are all in Japanese.   This page under the drawings (click on the dark blue Japanese writing link!) offers free wallpaper downloads of NemuNeko.  If that isn't enough, you can also waste time checking out the cute Nemuneko pics on tumblr.


  1. Annnnd if you really really want one or ten, you can go on ebay or amazon to buy them :D

  2. Yes! There must be some professional skill testers out their, I guess if your success rate is high, it would be a fun way to make money :)