Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Photograph Cats - Top Ten Tips

 Here are the top 10 things I've learnt from photographing cats :)

1) Try and make friends first 
If the cat doesn't like you, then they're not going to play nice for you!

2) Let them come to you
You're coming into their territory so be patient and understanding.

Photographing Cats 2

3) When they do come over, let them smell you 
I's an animal thing!

4) Gently pat them and give them affection 
Only if they want it though, the last thing you need is to get your cat off side!

Photographing Cats 1  
 5) Don’t trap them.  If they want out, let them out.
They'll be happier for this but of course they may decide to run off and never return,
so try and get a few quick snaps inside in case they're the fleeing kind!

6)  Be conscious of sound.
I sometimes had to change my chunky digital camera to my quieter 

film camera after some cats got spooked by the shutter sound. 

7) Have someone there that the cat trusts and
that trusted person hold them.

I swear this will be the easiest time to get snaps!

 Photographing Cats 3 

8) Understand it may be a slow process and require several visits. 
Sometimes the only way to photograph cats is to build up trust and 
sometimes this doesn't happen instantaneously, bummer!  

9) Have no expectations!
You may think you know how things are going to go
but remember animals are unpredictable souls!

 10) If all else fails, bribery (favourite toy or treats!)
Sometimes when the going get's tough you have to give the cats what they want
in order for you to get what you really want..cute photos!


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