Monday, March 11, 2013

How to overcome your cat fear in five steps

fear of cats
                                     (Disclaimer: Midnight is one of the sweetest cats I know!)

          Below are five tips that helped me over come my cat fear and hopefully can help you too

  1. Not all cats are viscous. This was the biggest lesson I had to learn. I think it’s especially important if your cat fear (like mine) originated via contact with a viscous cat. Can you think of another animal you love, who could potentially harm you, but you’re not afraid of? Whilst I was being scared of cats I had absolutely no fear of dogs! 

  2. Slowly start to interact with cats. Make sure you only interact with cats you know are going to be super sweet and gentle with you! Do you have a friend with a cat who could help you out? My cousin had two super nice cats, that showed me not all cats were to be scared of.
  3. Understand this could be a long process. Even after interacting with my cousin’s cats I was still not convinced I should give up my fear completely and that’s okay! Baby steps.
  4. Start thinking about the good things about cats. You need to work on changing your perspective. I learnt that cat’s need more patience than dogs but once they trust you they can be super affectionate and sweet. They also have cute paw pads, are fun to pat and can become your best friend.

  5. Lots and lots of cat interactions. I found this is what helped me the most. People told me over and over again that it was silly to be afraid of cats but it wasn’t until I actually met lot of cats, face to face that I finally realized it myself. 

Lastly but most importantly you have to want to change, otherwise you’re going to be a scaredy cat forever!

                           Any other suggestions or personal stories of help? Please comment and share :)


  1. Wow you have managed to make that cat look so evil, this is hilarious! Great tips though, I used to be scared of cats too!

  2. Eep, I feel slightly guilty for misrepresenting poor Midnight there but it was the scariest cat photo I had :P

    I'm glad I'm not alone in my previous cat fear and I'm glad your fear is a "used to be" one as well :)