Thursday, March 28, 2013

Book Stars - Mishka and Daz

Mishka the Cat Mishka the Cat 3
Final Book Sneak Peak - Mishka the cat and her owner Daz
Mishka is the closest I’ve come to having my own cat and the cat who most helped me in overcoming my cat fear.   Mishka and I really bonded when my friend Daz spent a month in Thailand and Mishka, perhaps, fearing her abandonment, became quite the affectionate lady! Daz recently bought a caravan, parked it in the backyard and Mishka straight away moved from her prime couch position, to outside the caravan to be closer to him. I convinced Daz one Saturday to let me take pictures of him and Mishka.  I’ve been pestering him to do for a while and I’m so glad I did because Mishka tragically passed away a few months later. After already being weakened from a bush tick she developed an infection that she couldn’t recover from and the house had to farewell one very special lady. I’m so super glad we became friends.  She taught me that not all cats are scary. I’ll miss her dearly.

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