Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Stars - Louie and Lauraine

Louie and Lauraine Louie and Lauraine 2
Book Sneak Peak - Louie the cat and his owner Lauraine
Louie is quite possibly my favourite cat I’ve met on my journey so far. He definitely wasn’t the easiest cat to photograph but he had loads of charm and his owner Lauraine was one super sweet lady. The cat book has lots of Louie in it :)

"I would love to say a few words about my special boy and his quirky ways but where do I begin!! He chose where he wanted to live. He was staying with a neighbour, (while his parents were overseas) but he preferred our style of living to that of his carers. Consequently he was given to us when his parents finally departed Australia. He doesn't like being held but will snuggle into my hair when I sit on the lounge. He pulls books from the bookcase and opens drawers and cupboards to get my attention when he is hungry. He also has a cardboard fetish and will destroy any box he can get his teeth into. He will not use his cat door, as he has his slaves to open the door when he knocks to be let in and out."- Lauraine

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