Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Stars - Ike, Zoomy and Cindi

Ike the Cat

Zoomy and Cindi
Book Sneak Peak - Cats, Ike and Zoomy and their owners, Cindi and Adam
I arrived to Cindi and Adam’s house and nearly jumped out of my skin when a huge dog greeted me at the door with a ferocious bark. Turns out Ace, the gigantic puppy was just a huge big sulk and whined the rest of my visit, put out on the back patio. (I ended my visit making sure to give him a pat goodbye :)

I found out that Cindi and Adam owned the ridiculous cool store called “freaks like us” and I hated myself for never having been in, I have since rectified that and can tell you it’s one super neat shop (I’d highly recommend a visit if you are ever in Nambour). Zoomy and Ike, their cats, were so easy to photograph, I suspect largely due to Cindi taking lots of pictures of them herself. Big thanks to Cindi for the priming!

Cindi has included some sweet words about the pair below:
"Ike was a scared, small, skinny abandoned kitten that befriended me when I lived in Maroochydore. After a few late night visits Ike decided to move in with me and we have been together for over 5 years now. He is a big, beautiful man now that loves lots of cuddles."

"Born on Elvis's birthday this little guy thinks he is the King. He bosses everyone around included his big brother Ike. He is called Zoomy because he is always Zooming around and exploring the world as all young kittens do. "

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