Saturday, March 16, 2013

Book Stars - Fang, Frasier, Seb and Dom

7frasierdom Frasier
Book Sneak Peak - Cat's Fang and Frasier and their owners, Kate, Seb and Dom
I rang up on Sunday morning at 10 am, as planned, to see if Kate’s cats were about, luckily they were, well at least one was. There was a lot to take in as I met Kate, her two son’s Seb and Dom and lucky for me both cats, Frasier and Fang. I asked Kate what the best plan of action was, shooting straight away she said, seemed to be the go. From the previous conversations with Kate I suspected these cats were going to be difficult to capture. The boys played with the cats and were super awesome in helping me get some great photos (the cats seemed to almost forget I was there…almost!). Fang and Seb Collage
Fang the Cat
Fang and Seb

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