Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Stars - Diesel, Joey and Carol

Carol and Diesel her cat joey the cat
Book Sneak Peak - Diesel and Joey the cats and their owner Carol
Following Words Written By Carol:
“ I live in Nambour and have two cats, both have been attained from Animal Refuges. The eldest Joey is ginger striped and he was from the Safe Animals in Broome WA. He was a pure ferral kitten when I volounteered to look after him. He was the only one saved from his family as they considered the others all too ferral but thought this little kitten might have a chance. After him spending the first 2 weeks of his life with us under our bed (the litter and feed dishes all had to be in the bedroom) my other cat at the time eventually coaxed him out into the house and fast became firm friends. Soon the Safe people wanted to send Joey to Perth to be put in a pet shop for sale, but after having him all that time I could see he was not ready and would not be any good in the city so I adopted him. He was not a cat for little children or strangers and he was still scared of people in general except for us. I have never in my lifetime invested so much time and effort (and had so many scratches) from a cat. When we got visitors he would disappear until they were gone.

We were to bring both cats back to Qld with us but the other cat was killed on the road 3 weeks before we flew home. On arriving to his new home which was laden with 3 dogs, Joey loved his new surroundings but missed having someone to play with. Our smallest dog Tiger (a Fox Terrier/Chiawahwah cross with the big beady eyes) was jumping for joy when he arrived thinking he would have someone his size to play with at last. Within the first hour Joey had swiped him just above the eye as if to say "I'll show you whose boss here" and poor Tiger has never been game enough to play with him again as much as he would love to.

We then searched for a playmate and all fell in love with Diesel on the internet. So home came Diesel from the animal refuge and he was a beautiful kitten with lovely soft fur and a beautiful long, soft and fluffy tail. After about a week they became inseperable. Over time you could see Joey had been teaching Diesel some survival tricks as they have the same funny little traits. They both love to bring their hunting prizes into the house to show us. We have had small snakes, big rats, mice, grasshoppers, birds etc. Diesel will wear a collar with a bell but Joey keeps losing his on purpose. He is much better now socially for us but if we get people (particularly kids) over he sometimes hides for a while. If you ignore him he is much better and gets to know people in his own time. Diesel however loves everyone and will sit with anyone as long as he is getting a pat or it suits him to do so. They are both very spoiled and the plaque that I bought says it all. "Dogs have Masters, Cats have Staff" is very correct in our home. It was worth everything to know that Joey was given the opportunity of a long life with Diesel as a companion and we would not be without either of them."

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