Saturday, February 16, 2013

Where is all Began

So I had this fear, a cat fear. It all started when my primary school friend's cat attacked her and I witnessed helplessly. I also have a fear of not helping out in emergency situations but that's a whole other story. Anyway, the fear. I've made small steps along the way. My cousin had two delightful cats which helped a lot. Then I got a boyfriend who loved cats. Then I went to Japan and saw that cats are pretty cute which led me to contact my local newspaper who ran a front page story on me. The story asked people to let me into their homes and photograph them and their cats. Which brings us to this blog.

The story and photographs are eventually going to be turned into a book but for now I'll be sharing sneak peaks of the journey that I've gone on and how I overcome my fear.


  1. Eeeee! So I'm going to blame Lucy for my lapse in stalking you Fee :) Lucky she's cute!
    Glad youre feeling the kitty-love now, they are super cool! It's just like people, most are awesome but some definitely have their issues ;)

  2. Heather!! It's so nice to see you here :) *throws welcoming confetti*

  3. When the book out, I want it! Love your blog :)